Cough Syrup / Sore Throat Home Remedy

I make this at home as soon as I start to see/hear signs of illness.  It’s easy, harmless, and actually tastes good too!

1) Find a clean jar with a lid. I have tincture bottles, but have used washed out jelly jars or small canning jars too.

2) Slice up a white onion. Onions are natural phlegm thinners, they will help work the gunk out.  White onions are more potent, so opt for white over sweet.

3) Put slices of onion in glass jar. As much as you can fit. 

4) Fill the rest of the jar up with honey. Pour it in until it covers the onions. Honey is a double-duty fighter in this recipe. It’s anti-bacterial, so hopefully it helps your body kill whatever is attacking it. It’s also a great throat-coater, so it soothes and eases the feeling that makes you want to cough.

5) Seal jar, place on shelf, pantry, wherever is dark and room temperature or cooler.

6) Let it steep for at least 24 hours. Remove onions if you wish, I usually leave them in until the honey is 1/2 gone. 

7) Serve as needed by the teaspoonful.  There’s no drugs here, just nature, so you can’t overdo it. I give my four year old a teaspoonful every hour.

Don’t let the onions fool you, this recipe tastes GREAT. Strange combo, I know. But it works.  No more coughing, no side effects.